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6 COOLEST Places in Madeira , and the BEST Time to visit


Or as it is called the Pearl of the Atlantic, a group of islands belonging to Portugal despite its proximity to Morocco more, where it is located on the west coast of Africa and is away from the state of Morocco with 480 kilometers and its euro currency with an area of 802 square kilometers, and is one of the best tourist destinations accepted by foreigners many, it is famous for the green vegetation that invades the island and the architecture of its similar buildings and ease of movement, and is one of the best islands for honeymoon.

Best time to visit Madeira:

The weather in Madeira enjoys warm and sunny weather throughout the year from autumn to summer, but this does not prevent rain from falling for a few days each month, yet it is recommended to visit Madeira from March to August because of the low rainfall in those months.

Transportation in Madeira Island:

The island has many means of transportation such as buses and taxis but it is better to rent a car starting from 10 euros per day for easy mobility and speed of access to tourist areas in a short time better than the bus, and it is better to be a car with a strong engine so as not to have difficulties in the mountain roads of the island.

The coolest places to visit Madeira:

1. Porto Moniz Village

The village is located on the northwest side of Madeira and is one of the best tourist destinations for lovers volcanic pools for natural lava and serenity of natural complexes and is a suitable place for psychological comfort forget the hard work and problems especially for the married.

2. Funchal Cable Car

Funchal cable car is one of the most important services offered by Funchal, which connects two cities where you can take an unforgettable cable car ride from Funchal to Monti in just a few minutes, also enjoy the landscape and the prominence of the green vegetation on it and the shape of the houses that madeira is famous and the various hills and valleys famous on the island.

3. Sacred Art Museum of Funchal

The Museum of Sacred Arts is one of the most important tourist attractions in Portugal in general and in Funchal Madeira especially for its history through paintings, grammar and human statues that embody historical figures on only three floors dating back to the 15th and nineteenth centuries while retaining rare but exclusive historical artifacts.

4. São Vicente Caves

São Vicente is one of the most important tourist attractions in the province of São Vicente on the Portuguese island of Madeira and the oldest, formed as a result of the eruption of the volcano and the flow of volcanic lava inward, which led to the formation of caves and reception for tourists starting in 1990 A.D. and a depth of 40 meters and a length of 1000 meters, as you can delve deeper into the activity of the volcano in the presentations offered to you.

5. Madeira Botanical Garden

The Madeira Botanical Garden is one of the most important tourist attractions in funchal madeira, and is characterized by its location in the city skyline where your presence there will give you the opportunity to look at the island from above and around several hills, and the park contains more than 2000 plants of local and foreign ones with the penetration of the garden with colored birds gives it a special flavor.

6. Praia do Porto Santo

Porto Santo beach is one of the most famous beaches on the island and the best for serenity the color of its sea and the penetration of the golden color in the grains of its sand and the warmth of its waters, and also the abundance of marine activities in it with a lot of security, where it is located a kilometer stake for the fingers of one hand from the port.