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Top 5 Touristic Places in Kerala ..YOU SHOULD VISIT


Located in South Asia, with an area of 3,287,263 square kilometers, overlooking the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, India is one of the most attractive countries for tourists due to the beauty and splendor of its 29 states and seven territories.

Tourism in India:

India is one of the most targeted destinations by tourists and young people especially, because of its different cultures, temples and different attractions.


Kerala is one of the smallest countries in India with an area of 38,852 square kilometers, overlooking the Arabian Sea and characterized by its wet climate and magnificent beaches.

Tourism seasons in Kerala:

The season from the eleventh to the third month is one of the best tourism seasons in Kerala due to its pleasant atmosphere and lack of rain.

Top 5 Touristic Places in Kerala:

1- Museum of Kerala History

Located in The Adbali region, Kochi city, the Kerala Museum of Art and History, opened in 1986 and is considered one of the most unignorably unignored places in Kerala, it is considered one of the oldest historical art museums, containing more than 200 paintings and sculptures evaluated by india's most famous artists.

2- Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach is one of india's most famous beaches located in the Varkala region, located in the south of Kerala, and is one of the most important beaches of the Great Indian Ocean and has been classified as one of the top ten seasonal beaches and relaxing and watching the sea and golden sands are among the best activities to enjoy in Varkala Beach.

3- Padmanabhaswamy Temple

The temple is located in the Area of Therovananthapuram and is characterized by its delicate architecture and is considered one of the richest Hindu temples in India in general and in the world because of its cabinets full of various gold and diamonds worth more than fifteen million U.S. dollars.

4- Mattancherry Palace

Matancheri Palace, or the So-called Dutch Palace, in addition to being one of the most important left behind by Portugal in the mid-16th century In Kerla and characterized by its architecture, fine structures of walls and contains statues and temples such as: Temple of Ernakulatapan, Temple of Krishna and Temple of Bagavati, this made it a tourist destination of india and beyond.

5- Wayanad Mountain

Mount Winad is one of the first tourist destinations that everyone can help for tourism activities so you can climb the highlands and explore the Caves of Idakal, swim and ski on the Minmuti Waterfall or perhaps prefer to relax in the greenery near rice plantations and coconut trees.