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TOURISM in Istanbul .. Top 5 Places to VISIT in Istanbul


The Turkish Republic is based in the Middle East, has an important strategic location as a link between the continents of Europe and Asia, Turkey is one of the richest countries in terms of culture and human history, with a total area of 782,562 square kilometers with a total area of 81 cities, the most important of which is Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, characterized by the indigenous people of Turkey by sticking to their religion is islam, and their official language is turkish. 


Istanbul is located on the Bosphorus, formerly known by several titles, the most important: Constantinople, and Zenta , this city is characterized by the beauty and splendor of its regions, which made it the eighth place in terms of the number of tourists in the world, Istanbul is the only city in the world located in two continents except Europe and Asia. 

Tourism seasons in Istanbul:

If you are a fan of cold, rain and snow in addition to the lack of your budget, winter is best suited to visit Istanbul , you can book in the most luxurious and best hotels and tourist resorts and at the cheapest prices , but if you are one of those who likethe bright weather and chirping birds, spring is the most suitable. 

The 5 best places to visit in Istanbul:

1. Blue Mosque

Built by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, the process of building it began in 1609 A.D., this mosque sits on a high hill overlooking the Bosphorus and opposite the Church of Hagia Sophia, the latter is the largest mosque built in Istanbul, and the Blue Mosque has six lighthouses. 

2- Aquarium Istanbul

One of the largest water zoos in the Middle East and Europe, the latter is located on the European side near the seaside and Ataturk International Airport and contains within it different types of water that will undoubtedly attract you.

3. Agva

About 90 kilometers away from Istanbul, Afa offers its visitor an opportunity to relax and clear the mind away from the hustle and bustle of the city because of the many green areas that insist on it, as this area has several hotels and restaurants , the tourist can practice several recreational activities such as water cycling and small boats around this wonderful village. 

4- Taksim

It is an essential field for various activities such as trade and hotel, is considered is independence street divided by one of the most streets in terms of the number of pedestrians where it passes daily about a million people along 3 kilometers , you can taste in this street authentic Turkish kebab and a lot of traditional Turkish cuisine. 

5. Princesses Islands

It is a series of islands in the Sea of Marmara to which can be navigated by boat, the island is characterized by the serenity of its air for the absence of cars except ambulances, and for the movement of tourists is available transport by horse-drawn carriages, as this island has all the facilities of the right life.



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