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8 Cold Countries to visit in July

Cold Places to visit in July

July has arrived, bringing with it high temperatures to warm our bodies and uplift our spirits. But what if you prefer cooler temperatures over hot ones?

July is known as one of the summer vacation months eagerly awaited by children and parents to go on holidays and enjoy the beaches around the world. However, some prefer to visit the icy rivers in cold countries.

So, you might wonder: What are the best cold countries to visit in July? Well, you've asked the right question, and the answer is coming in the content of this article.

We have compiled a list of the most beautiful and best eight countries that have cool temperatures in July, offering excellent atmospheres and unforgettable moments.

So, pack your bags and join us on a journey to the best cold tourist destinations in July.

Cold Countries in July :


Norway is considered one of the coldest countries to visit in July, with temperatures ranging from 12°C (53°F) to 18°C (64°F) in the capital, Oslo, allowing you to enjoy its delightful coolness.

Norway boasts stunning fjords, diverse landscapes, and polar bears that can be seen in the wild, just like other wild animals.

In July, it's impossible to witness the sunset in the northern city of Tromsø since it sets for 3 to 5 hours every night, and this duration decreases as the summer solstice approaches in Norway.

Galhøpiggen is the highest peak in the country, standing at an elevation of 2,469 meters (8100 ft) above sea level. It can be easily climbed within 4 hours, as it lacks icy passages and is accessible for all people.

Visiting Norway in July would be incomplete without indulging in the fresh seafood offered by local restaurants. They have introduced salmon sushi from the far north in Svalbard to the rest of the world.


You can experience different tourist activities in Uruguay with cool temperatures in July. From exploring the city by visiting museums, cinemas, and shopping in luxurious malls to strolling through streets lined with trees and green spaces overlooking the riverbanks.

The country is famous for its enchanting beaches and intriguing sculptures, such as the La Mano sculpture on one of the most beautiful beaches in the city.

Uruguay is the smallest Spanish-speaking country, and it hosted the first World Cup in 1902. Moreover, 100% of its electricity comes from renewable sources, protecting the environment and nature.

You will be amazed by the unique architectural designs of the buildings in the capital, Montevideo, especially the Salvo Palace, consisting of 27 floors. It is one of the most significant historical landmarks in the country since its opening to the public in 1928, offering exceptional views of the city from an 84-meter (275 ft) height.


Located in the far north of the Earth, between the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic, Greenland experiences temperatures ranging from 5°C (41°F) to 11°C (52°F) in July.

Greenland is renowned for its icy rivers, wildlife, and Viking history in the region. Being the largest island in the world, with an area exceeding two million square kilometers (773,000 mi²) , it is an excellent destination for adventure lovers and explorers.

You will fall in love with various thrilling sports activities, from golf and artificial turf football due to the terrain's nature, to skiing, handball, rock climbing, and even fishing with your family.

Speaking of fish, fish, shrimp, and lobster constitute a significant portion of the country's exports and are abundantly available in popular seafood markets.

When it comes to exploring the country, boats and dog sleds are the most popular and traditional options for navigating the terrain, providing tourists with a unique and enjoyable experience in Greenland

South Africa

South Africa is the only country with three capitals: Bloemfontein, Pretoria, and Cape Town. It is one of the best cold countries to visit in July.

With 21 national parks, 11 official languages, and 10 UNESCO World Heritage sites, South Africa offers stunning natural landscapes and diverse wildlife that you can explore on a safari.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit Table Mountain in Cape Town, which stands at an elevation of 1,086 meters (3563 ft) above sea level. It is one of the oldest mountains in the world, dating back 240 million years, and you can reach its summit by cable car.

Moreover, South Africa is known for being an affordable tourist destination where you can have an enjoyable time exploring it with your family on a limited budget in July.


Iceland is one of the coldest countries to visit in July, which marks the beginning of summer in Iceland with an average temperature of 11 degrees Celsius (52°F).

There's nothing better than starting your Icelandic adventure by camping, especially in July when the weather is suitable. You'll find welcoming campsites with reasonable prices amidst enchanting natural landscapes.

If you want to take your experience to the next level, renting a car to drive across the country is a perfect choice. It allows you to enjoy the open roads and safe conditions for exploring what this cold tourist destination has to offer in July.

Don't want to rent a car? Then you'll love hiking through the country and witnessing breathtaking sights such as glaciers, volcanoes, volcanic lava fields, lakes, and rivers like never before.

You can also join tours of lava caves that open up after the winter snow melts. Fidjellmir Cave and Raufarhólshellir Cave are two suitable options for enjoying this activity with your family.


For a cold vacation in July, visiting the southern part of Australia is the way to go, with temperatures ranging from freezing to 12 degrees Celsius (53°F).

Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, and Hobart are all cool Australian cities. Melbourne is renowned for its vibrant laneways, excellent coffee, and its fantastic location near the bay. It also has the largest tram network in the world, making it easy for tourists to explore the best places to visit in July.

For a peaceful and, of course, cold atmosphere, Hobart, the capital of the island of Tasmania, situated on the Derwent River, is an excellent choice. You can explore the city's historical areas by bike since it's a small city with narrow lanes, unique houses, and stunning views.


Switzerland is considered one of the most beautiful travel destinations in July, offering you the opportunity to experience both water activities and crystal-clear lakes with excellent temperatures when visiting Switzerland.

The temperature in Interlaken ranges from 7°C (45°F) to 17 degrees Celsius (63°F) during that period, allowing you to have a great time participating in the best activities in Interlaken with family and friends.

Furthermore, the temperature drops even further, reaching below freezing (32°F) when visiting Interlaken in winter.

Visiting the high mountains of the Swiss Alps and enjoying a stroll by Lake Bachalpsee, located at an elevation of 2265 meters (7431 ft) above sea level, are all activities to enjoy your time in the village of Grindelwald in summer.

Switzerland experienced its coldest temperature of minus 41.8 degrees Celsius (-43°F) in the La Brévine region in 1987. However, the average temperature in July is around 20 degrees Celsius (68°F), making Switzerland one of the best cold countries to visit in July.


Abundant lush forests, fascinating strong cultures, and a charming and rich history on more than 2300 islands filled with ancient heritage, including Hiiumaa, Kihnu, and Saaremaa, are all reasons to visit this European gem.

It is also an excellent destination for honeymooners on a limited budget, offering a valuable romantic atmosphere in the city of Tallinn.

Inhale some of the cleanest air in the world in July, as the country focuses on producing environmentally friendly energy and using modern public transportation. Estonia is also comprised of 50% forests, providing the best experience for both humans and nature.

Temperatures in Estonia range from 12°C (54°F) to 18 degrees Celsius (64°F) in July, and a visit during this period would be incomplete without experiencing the Estonian sauna, which dates back more than 800 years, for relaxation and spending time with family. You can find saunas in most capital city buildings, public pools, and even cottages.

In conclusion, there are many cold countries in July. In this article, we have highlighted the best 8 cold countries to visit in July from different continents and with varying temperatures preferred by the followers of "TravelWithMe" for tourism in July.

The TravelWithMe team wishes you a cold and happy vacation in the coldest countries of July.

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