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The Cheapest European Cities to Travel with a Budget

Tourism in Europe:

Europe is one of the most dominant continents in the tourism sector.

Where the area of the continent is estimated at about 10.18 million square kilometers divided into 44 countries, and as everyone knows that the majority of cities in Europe are expensive in terms of tourism and own hundreds of cheap and expensive cities it is difficult for the tourist to choose his next destination in Europe provided it is cheap to enjoy as many cultural activities and luxury services as possible at the lowest prices, So i come to tell you of the cheapest European cities you have to visit, you just have to choose your next destination and enjoy your journey on the European template.

cheapest european cities

The Cheapest European Cities :

Sofia, Bulgaria

The city of Sofia is the capital of  Bulgaria but it is also the cheapest European city which receives tourists at cheap prices whether in accommodation, food or transportation and this makes it a tourist destination with the privilege of the budget holders, your presence in the city gives you the opportunity to see the most famous tourist attractions that are characterized by its external architecture that gives the city a special flavor.

Accommodation: €7 per night.

Eating: €5 per meal.

Public transport: half euro.

Krakow,  Poland

If you are a fan of the European mold in the streets, so the Polish city of Krakow you will definitely like it, it is the second largest and cheapest city in Poland, which is the center of culture and economic projects and this did not prevent the fact that tourism is cheap and open hands for all tourists of different nationalities.

Accommodation: €8 per night.

Eating: 5.5 euros per meal.

Public transport:  0,65 euro.

Sarajevo,  Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo is the capital of  Bosnia and Herzegovina as it is one of its cheapest cities, the city notes a great development in the level of tourism to attract tourists and its culture and traditional food of the city with the cheap cost of its tourism contributed a large percentage to the high level of tourism and economy of the country.

Accommodation: €6 per night.

Eating: €5 per meal.

Public transport: 0,80 euro.

Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb,  is the capital of Croatia, and the city's popularity in the tourism sector is increasing day by day, the city has a treasure of tourist areas and activities that have taken control of it, and is famous for its nightlife and delicious Croatian food that everyone must try and enjoy the beauty of the city and engineer it with a full stomach.

Accommodation: €9 per night.

Eating: €7 per meal.

Public transport: 1 euro. 

Riga, Latvia

It is the capital of  Lativia and its largest city and you can call it the capital of cheap flights due to the cheap cost of its tourism as it has a lot to see from tourist attractions and museums to beaches and popular cuisine and is a good choice for tourism for budget holders or lovers of cheap luxury.

Accommodation: €8 per night.

Eating: €6 per meal.

Public transport: €2.

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