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It is one of the most famous capitals in the world, the capital of the United Kingdom, as the Palace of the Royal Family of London is located under the leadership of Queen Elizabeth II, english is the official language of the Great Kingdom and the currency traded is sterling, London is considered one of the brightest and most costy cities, but this did not prevent it from top of the list of the most desirable tourist cities where it topped the list of tourist numbers in 2014 in terms of the number of tourists exceeding 15 million tourists in one year.

London's tourism season: 

The best time to visit the capital of the Empire is spring, the period between March and May, where this period in London is characterized by moderate temperatures and the spread of greenery. 

The best places to visit London:

1- Big Ben

Also known as the "Big Ben Watch", this historic landmark is in fact the name of the giant bell in the center of the tower, this tower includes four façades each façade containing a watch, as it includes inside several rooms, one of which was formerly a cell for parliamentarians, considering that this tower belongs to the oldest parliamentary building in history called The Palace of Westminster. 

2- London Eye

It is a giant wheel on the bank of the famous Thames River and contains 32 glass capsules about 135 metres long and is one of the largest of its kind in Europe as it gives you the opportunity to see the signs of London from the sky.

3- Trafalgar Square

It is a vast square with a column above which the statue of Lord Horatio Nelson as a reminder of his victory at the Battle of Travagar and surrounded by four statues of lions, this square also includes several water fountains, making it a park suitable for families and tourists. 

4- St. Paul's Cathedral

Built in the 17th century, this church is one of the most famous landmarks of the historic city that miraculously survived World War II, which suffered a bombardment of about 118 meters high. 

5- London Hyde Park

It is a giant park that is in the center of the city and includes vast green spaces, also inside it is a large water lake located on the banks of several fine restaurants and the park is available on large groups of flowers and trees of different sizes and shapes of different colors as this biodiversity provides an opportunity to live various animals such as squirrels and ducks.