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Best 7 Places to Visit in March


Places to visit in March

Spring break has finally arrived, in the month of March, which is considered the gateway to a new tourist season filled with surprises in most tourist destinations. Many people take this opportunity to take a break, relax, and explore new tourist destinations in March. To be frank, this decision is well-timed!

Traveling in March is characterized by reasonable and below-average prices for hotels and restaurants, along with the inviting weather and climate that encourage tourism and enjoyment in most parts of the world.

You might wonder: Where should I go in March to travel? This is a valid question, and its answer will be within the content of this article.

We have recently compiled a list of the top 7 tourist destinations in March for an ideal vacation full of activities and breathtaking places.

So, pack your bags now and travel with me for March Holiday.

List of Best 7 Places to visit in March

Victoria, Seychelles

At the top of the list of the best tourist destinations in March is, of course, the Seychelles, which also receives the most tourists!

If beaches catch your attention and happiness rate, then Victoria is the perfect place. It is the official capital of the Seychelles. You can visit the most famous beaches in this wonderful tourist destination, including:

-Beau Vallon

-Anse Lazio

-Anse Major

-Anse Volbert

The Seychellois capital is full of adventures and tourist activities as well. If you ask me about a place to spend a unique vacation, unlike other vacations, but a vacation that will be unforgettable in March, then Victoria is the right place for you and all of us.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, the jewel of the Emirates, welcomes many activities, events, and tourists from all nationalities in March. Traveling to Dubai in March is like having dessert after dinner.

You can go on a Dubai safari with tours in the Dubai desert for a truly Arabian experience.

With temperatures ranging from 18°C to 29°C (65 to 84°F), the heat won't stop you from raising your adrenaline levels with various adventures and fun during your visit to Dubai in March.

If you want to add some luxury to your trip, you can take a tour around the Burj Khalifa, known as the tallest building in the world, or even stay at the 7-star Burj Al Arab hotel and end it by dining at the world's finest luxury restaurants located in the city center.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world, with its magnificent mosques, few words can describe their beauty, they are simply astonishing!

Especially with its decorations that tell the story of Turkish culture and the civilizations that the region has witnessed. If you're a fan of historical and cultural landmarks, Istanbul is the perfect city for you and more.

But you can't visit Turkey's most famous tourist spots on an empty stomach, can you?

Istanbul and Turkey, in general, are known for their delicious cuisine, offering affordable prices for everyone for many years, especially in March. The value of food for the price is positively astounding.

However, don't forget to keep an eye on your budget during your visit to Istanbul because the food is incredibly delicious. This city is famous for Turkish kebabs, shawarma, and all dishes containing meat, as well as baklava as a dessert and other mouthwatering treats in Istanbul.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka boasts breathtaking natural treasures, including mountains, beaches, and tea gardens, which are considered a symbol of the country.

Taking a walk through its roads and forests will change your perception of tourism in Asia. You'll never get tired, and most hotels in Sri Lanka offer views of tea plantations and green spaces for a refreshing awakening surrounded by green nature.

Sri Lanka is known for its affordable tourism, which is very cheap compared to other Asian tourist destinations. With March's arrival and temperatures in the twenties, Sri Lanka becomes even more beautiful and enjoyable and is worth visiting.

Lisbon, Portugal

March is the best time to visit Lisbon, as the city is at the beginning of a new season, preparing to welcome hundreds of thousands of tourists from all nationalities and continents.

Prices may be higher than in February, but believe me, the city is worth every penny spent. March is the perfect month to get a taste of the city's summer vibe at a lower cost compared to the summer.

Lisbon offers many cultural landmarks and museums that history and Portuguese culture enthusiasts will fall in love with.

What's even more amazing about Lisbon, especially in March, is its stunning nature, from rivers that offer unparalleled views to beaches and nurturing green spaces.

Lisbon has left tourists in a dilemma when choosing tourist destinations. It is one of the best European tourist destinations in March.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand, is one of the numerous destinations in Thailand and one of the most famous, with its attractive beaches, golden sands, turquoise waters, and breathtaking sunsets. It also stands out with its vibrant nightlife and traditional cuisine.

Among its many positives is the friendliness of its inhabitants, making tourism in Phuket comfortable and reassuring. Don't hesitate to ask a local for help; they will give you the best reception. It's also a safe city suitable for tourism in March.

Although Phuket or "Puket" is one of the best tourist destinations in March, where the climate is warm, and there are fewer tourists, it is one of the most expensive islands in Thailand. It's not a cheap place to live or stay for the long term, but for a week's vacation in Phuket in March, your wallet won't hurt, and you'll have the best time during your spring vacation.

Mexico City, Mexico

Finally, heading to the American continent, there's Mexico City, the best tourist destination in March in South America.

Mexico City is considered a safe place for tourists, and by following the locals' advice, you'll be even safer.

After ensuring safety in Mexico City, let's talk about what makes the Mexican capital special!

The city is famous for its museums filled with the finest artworks; it's a city with a rich and deep history, and it has multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites where you can travel back in time and discover original American culture.

Does Traveling in Mexico City complete without indulging in some (I mean a lot) of local food? I don't think so.

With a small budget and a big appetite, you'll be able to enjoy the most delicious street food served throughout the city streets. But don't forget to order your food without the spicy sauce if you don't want to experience the spicy and delicious food during your tourism in March to the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world.

In conclusion, March is a rich month in tourist destinations around the world. We've covered the top 7 travel destinations in March, carefully selected for travelers from "TravelWithMe" blog to have the best spring vacation.

The "TravelWithMe" team wishes you a happy and fun-filled vacation in the best tourist destinations in March.